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Published Online Wed, 11 Nov 2011 22:46:00

Tonight Penn State Board of Trustees made a “rush to judgment according to some media sources regarding the ongoing sex abuse scandal at the university.  Coach Paterno was removed and dismissed as athletic director due to a reported moral lapse of judgment in not pursuing the suspected child abuse reporting himself despite his reports to his superiors of what he knew of the alleged sex abuse of a child by his former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.  According to many students and faculty, the Board of Trustees appears to be using this opportunity to “scapegoat” Coach Paterno while apparently taking the focus off of those who legally failed to report the alleged child abuse perpetrated by Jerry Sandusky to the police.

A report of a KDKA-TV News Poll Conducted By Survey USA of a survey of Penn State alumni is consistent with the recent Grand Jury findings in not condemning or invoking consequences for Coach Paterno.  Consequences are apparently due with the lack of action by Penn State University and administrators in not reporting the alleged abuse of children by Jerry Sandusky. The same survey placed the responsibility with President Spanier and his lack of action in not having reported the child sexual abuse to the police as mandated by Pennsylvania law for professionals such as teachers and faculty.  See Pennsylvania’s legal reporting laws:

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