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I have just stumbled onto this site from a link in the Children Defense Fund. I love it! We are a new Child Advocate group just getting off the ground in our local county in Ohio. We have been tossing around setting up a website, but yours is so great , was wondering if we could reference your site in our brochure? Keep up the good work. Speaking out for the little ones who have no voice in the systems that affect them is what we are all about too.

If there is anything our local group could do to help you in anyway let us know. Rhonda, Child Advocacy Network of Licking County, Newark Ohio

I was doing a search for child advocacy organizations across the USA when I came across your website. I think you did an AWESOME job to put up a website that lists all the child advocacy organizations across the USA by state. THANK YOU! You have made my search for other child advocacy organizations SO much easier!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Elizabeth, Children's Alliance, Seattle

We have gotten lots of very useful information from your website. Thank you for sharing so much with us. We have a child with a disability and the information has helped us get her the help she needs to succeed.

Thanks for all you do to help children and their families. Judy & Ken

Let me commend you on your informative and well referenced site. I found a wide array of information on numerous issues as well as great links to additional sites. Thank you. Laura

Thank you for your response. Please keep in touch. We can expand our relationship and working for the social justice. We can build up our solidarity and action for the betterment of the children the world wide.

Wish you all the best. Advocacy Organization in Nepal

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