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State Agencies

This page lists some state resources that deal with child advocacy. Click on the tabs below to get more information on each category.


VOICES for Alabama’s Children

Seeks to ensure a decent childhood for every Alabama child.

Sorry, there are currently no resources listed for this area.

Sorry, there are currently no resources listed for this area.

Children’s Action Alliance

 CAA founded in 1988, is a non-profit, nonpartisan research, policy and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of all of Arizona’s children and families.

Arkansas Advocates for Children & Families

is a non-profit, non-partisan, child advocacy organization founded in 1977.


Action Alliance for Children

Provides information about the current trends and policy issues affecting children and their
families. AAC publishes the Children’s Advocate newsmagazine. In addition, the agency coordinates conferences and training courses; publishes a Master Calendar of events and resources; and produces videos about violence and young children. AAC is a California-based, nonprofit agency.

Children Now

1212 Broadway, 5th FL
Oakland, CA 94612
510-763-1974 (fax)
  (Oakland) and
   (Los Angeles)

Lois Salisbury, President

Children’s Advocacy Institute

University of San Diego Law School
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110
619-260-4753 (fax)

Robert Fellmeth, Executive Director

Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth

459 Vienna Street
San Francisco, CA 92112
415-239-0584 (fax)

Margaret Brodkin, Executive Director

Kids in Common: A Children & Families Collaborative

1046 West Taylor Street, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95126-1815
408-882-0909 (fax)

Judith Kleinberg, Executive Director

Colorado Children’s Campaign

worked to mobilize individuals and organizations to think and act on behalf of children with particular attention to the health, education and safety of those most at risk.
As a statewide nonprofit organization, we promote the well-being of all children through research, public awareness, and helping concerned citizens work on behalf of children, with special emphasis on early intervention and long-term prevention.

Office of the Child Advocate

The Office of the Child Advocate is an independent state
agency established in 1995 to protect the civil, legal and special
rights of all the children of Connecticut, and to advance policies
throughout the state that promote their well-being and best

Connecticut Association for Human Services

The Connecticut Association for Human Services
is a not-for-profit organization that promotes public policy solutions
and brings resources to bear to strengthen needy children, families,
and communities through education, outreach, advocacy, research,
and evaluation.


Kids Count in Delaware

the authoritative source of key data about the status of the well being of children and their families in Delaware, and will use the data to serve as a catalyst and partner for collaboration for those who can act to improve that status.


The Florida Department of Children and Families

Protect the Vulnerable, Promote Strong and Economically Self-Sufficient Families, and Advance Personal and Family Recovery and Resiliency.


Georgians For Children

advocate programs and policies that have the potential to better the lives of a broad spectrum of children. We seek to strengthen the effectiveness of the many viable single-issue child advocacy groups by focusing public attention on the interdepedence of children’s needs.

Sorry, there are currently no resources listed for this area.


Family Programs – Hawaii

 an independent, citizen-based, nonprofit organization created to speak on behalf of the broad interests of Hawaii’s children. Hawaii Kids Watch works for better public policy for children, to raise the visibility of children’s issues, and to ensure that the health, safety, education, economic and other needs of Hawaii’s children are met.


The Family Advocate Program

The goal of this project is to bring parents, educators, and those working with families a wealth of information about helping their children get ready for, and succeed, in school from the early years through high school.
3010 W State Street Suite 104, Boise ID  83703

(208) 345-3344


Idaho Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

Works to develop a coalition of groups and individuals to educate policy makers, professional organizations, legislators, educators, and the public about the needs of children with emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders and their families.
Idaho Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health
3173 North Cole Road
Boise, ID 83704
Phone: (208) 433-8845
Toll Free: (800) 905-3436

Voices for Illinois Children

A statewide, non-profit, non-partisan group of child advocates who
champion the full development of every child in
Illinois to assure the future well-being of the people of the state. We
work with families, communities and policy makers to ensure that all
children grow up healthy, nurtured, safe and well educated.

Healthy Families Illinois

A program of the Illinois Department of Human Services
to prevent child abuse and neglect through home visits to families at risk.
The University of Illinois School of Social Work is the lead institution in a
collaboration that provides staff training and support of protecting and
insuring permanency for vulnerable children.
Veronica Coleman, 312-814-6835.

The Indiana Youth Institute

Promotes the healthy development of children and youth
by serving the institutions and people of Indiana
who work on their behalf.

Child & Family Policy Center

To better link research and policy on issues vital
to children and families. or


Kansas Action for Children

Kansas Action for Children is a independent,
nonpartisan, citizen-based corporation founded in 1979. We work on behalf of all children to ensure that their physical and emotional needs are met.

Cabinet for Families and Children

Provides human services for the citizens of Kentucky. The Cabinet’s services
include protection for vulnerable children and adults, child abuse investigations, foster care, adoptions, child support collections, cash assistance, food stamps, disability
determinations, and more.


Agenda for Children

P.O. Box 51837
New Orleans, LA 70151
Ph: 504-586-8509
Fax: 504-586-8522
Judith Watts, President/CEO
Provides a clear, consistent, and informed voice on behalf of the needs of Louisiana ’s children and families.  Contact us at (504) 586-8509, or 1-800-486-1712 outside the New Orleans area.


Maine’s Children’s Cabinet

Actively collaborate to create and promote coordinated policies
and service delivery systems that support children, families and communities.

Maine Children’s Alliance

The mission of the Maine Children’s Alliance is to be a
strong and powerful voice to improve the lives
of all Maine’s children, youth, and families.
303 State Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

Advocates for Children and Youth

34 Market Place, 5th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202-4034
410-547-8690 (fax)

Jann K. Jackson, Executive Director

Maryland Association of Resources for Families & Youth

P.O. Box 220
1517 South Ritchie Highway, Suite 102
Arnold, MD 21012
410-757-9530 (fax)

Jim McComb, Executive Director

Citizens for Children

Citizens for Children (MCC) is a non-profit statewide child advocacy organization, whose mission is to improve the lives of the state’s most vulnerable children through advocacy by concerned citizens.

The Michigan League for Human Services

The Michigan League for Human Services (MLHS) is a statewide citizens non-profit organization
dedicated to education, research and advocacy for the benefit of low income and other vulnerable
citizens in the state of Michigan.
LAWRENCE O. WELLS, Executive Assistant to the President,


Children’s Defense Fund – Minnesota (CDF-MN) was established in 1985 to improve the lives of Minnesota’s children and their families and to provide a voice for the children of Minnesota who cannot vote, lobby, or speak for themselves.
Jim Koppel, Director,

Mississippi Forum on Children and Families

737 North President
Jackson, MS 39202
Ph: 601-355-4911
Fax: 601-355-4813
Jane Boykin, Executive Director

Citizens for Missouri’s Children

2717 Sutton Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63143
Ph: 314-647-2003
Fax: 314-644-5437
Beth Griffin, Executive Director

Partnership for Children

4510 Belleview, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64111
Ph: 816-531-9200
Fax: 816-531-8996
Janice S. Ellis, Ph.D., President

Sorry, there are currently no resources listed for this area.


Sorry, there are currently no resources listed for this area.

Voices for Children in Nebraska

7521 Main Street, Suite 103
Omaha, NE 68127
Ph: 402-597-3100
Fax: 402-597-2705
Kathy Bigsby Moore, Executive Director

The Children’s Cabinet, Inc.

Coordinated delivery of human services that emphasize counseling, family intervention,
advocacy, and education. Reno, NV

The Children’s Cabinet of Incline Village

a Nevada non-profit family resource center dedicated to improving the quality of life for
children and families on the north shore of Lake Tahoe through a community-wide
cooperative effort between public and private sectors.

Children’s Advocacy Alliance

2245 N. Green Valley Parkway, #432
Henderson, NV 89014
Ph: 702-450-7450
Fax: 702-804-0739
Donna L. Coleman, Board President

Children’s Alliance of New Hampshire

Two Greenwood Avenue
Concord, NH 03301
Ph: 603-225-2264
Fax: 603-225-8264
Ellen J. Shemitz, President

Association for Children of New Jersey

35 Halsey Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Ph: 973-643-3876
Fax: 973-643-9153
Cecilia Zalkind, Executive Director

New Mexico Advocates for Children & Families

P.O. Box 26666
Albuquerque, NM 87125-6666
Ph: 505-244-9505
Fax: 505-244-9509
Kay Monaco, Executive Director

Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York

105 East 22nd Street, 7th floor New York, NY 10010 Ph: 212-673-1800 Fax: 212-979-5063 

Statewide Youth Advocacy, Inc.

17 Elk Street, 5th Floor Albany, NY 12207-1002 Ph: 518-436-8525 Fax: 518-427-6576 E-mail: Elie Ward, Executive Director

Westchester Children’s Association

175 Main Street, Suite 702 White Plains, NY 10601 Ph: 914-946-7676 Fax: 914-946-7677 E-mail: Cora Greenberg, Executive Director

The Council for Children’s Rights

The Council for Children is the leading voice for children in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, passionately representing and protecting children, advocating for their needs and promoting their issues.

North Carolina Child Advocacy Institute

311 East Edenton Street
Raleigh, NC 27601-1017
Ph: 919-834-6623
Fax: 919-829-7299
Jonathan P. Sher, President

North Dakota KIDS COUNT!**

State Data Center, IACC Bldg, Rm 424
North Dakota State University
P.O. Box 5636
Fargo, ND 58202
Ph: 701-231-7980
Fax: 701-231-9730
Dr. Rich Rathge and Ann Lochner, Co-Directors

Sorry, there are currently no resources listed for this area.


Children’s Defense Fund — Ohio

52 East Lynn Street, Suite 400
Columbus, OH 43215-3551
Ph: 614-221-2244
Fax: 614-221-2247
Eileen Cooper Reed, Executive Director

Coalition for Greater Cleveland’s Children

11100 Euclid, Room 793
Cleveland, OH 44106
Ph: 216-844-3531
Fax: 216-844-5179
Melissa E. Saladonis, Manager

Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy

420 NW 13th Street, Suite 101
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Ph: 405-236-KIDS
Fax: 405-236-5439
Anne Roberts, Executive Director

Children First for Oregon

P.O. Box 14914
Portland, OR 97214
Ph: 503-236-9754
Fax: 503-236-3048
Marie Hoeven, Executive Director


Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children

20 North Market Square, Suite 300
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1632
Ph: 717-236-5680
Fax: 717-257-2030
Joan L. Benso, Executive Director

Pennsylvania Department of Education – Bureau of Special Education

Special Education in PA – ConsultLine
Division of Compliance Monitoring and Planning
333 Market Street, 7th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
ConsultLine: 1-800-879-2301

Parents Involved Network of Pennsylvania

Parents Involved Network of Pennsylvania (PIN) is an organizationthat assists parents or caregivers of children and adolescents with
emotional and behavioral disorders. PIN provides information,helps parents find services and will advocate on their behalf with
any of the public systems that serve children. These include themental health system, education, and other state and local
child-serving agencies.
1211 Chestnut Street | Philadelphia, PA 19107
215-751-1800  or  800-688-4226

Education Law Center

Provides advice and direct legal representation inall educational issues affecting children including special
education. Publishes a manual, Your Right to SpecialEducation in Pennsylvania, which explains the special
education process (available in English or Spanish).
Email: elc@elc/,  215-238-6970 or 412-258-2120

Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania (DRN)

A statewide, non–profit corporation designated as the federally–mandated organization to advance and protect the civil rights of adults and children with disabilities.  They provide legal advice, technical assistance, and information and referral related to special education and early intervention issues. Intake Department: please call 1-800-692-7443.

Philadelphia Citizens for Children & Youth

7 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Ph: 215-563-5848
Fax: 215-563-9442
Shelly Yanoff, Executive Director

PA CASSP Training and Technical Assistance Institute

Our mission is to provide leadership and address the human resource needs in clinical best practice for serving children and adolescents with mental health needs and their families.
2001 North Front St., Building 1, Suite 316
Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone: (717) 232-3125
ECELS-Healthy Childcare

Provides health professional consultation, training, and technical assistance to improve early childhood education programs in the Commonwealth. To carry out this work, the PA AAP links the resources of government, early childhood educators, and health professionals.

Juvenile Law Center (JLC)

Ensures that the child welfare, juvenile justice and other public systems provide vulnerable children with the protection and services they need to become happy, healthy and productive adults.
Juvenile Law Center
The Philadelphia Building
1315 Walnut St, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-625-0551 or 1-800-875-8887 (in PA); Fax: 215-625-2808

Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

Pennsylvania Protection and Advocacy (PP & A)

Provides information and advocacy services. Publishes
informational material.
Email:,  800-692-7443

The Pennsylvania School Reform Network (PSRN)

Works to restore Pennsylvania’s promise of an excellent education for each and every child.

Sorry, there are currently no resources listed for this area.


Sorry, there are currently no resources listed for this area.

Rhode Island KIDS COUNT

1 Union Station
Providence, RI 02903
Ph: 401-351-9400
Fax: 401-351-1758
Elizabeth Burke Bryant, Executive Director

Rhode Island Office of the Child Advocate

The Child Advocate’s Office is a legal office that advocates for particular children whose legal, civil, and special rights in the DCYF system and/or Family Court proceedings are not being met.
Any comments/questions please email


Alliance for South Carolina’s Children

P.O. Box 11644
Columbia, SC 29211
Ph: 803-256-4670
Fax: 803-256-8093
Walter E. Waddell, Executive Director

South Dakota Coalition for Children

P.O. Box 2246
Sioux Falls, SD 57101-2246
Ph: 605-367-9667
Fax: 605-366-9630
Susan M. Randall, Executive Director

South Dakota KIDS COUNT

Business Research Bureau
University of South Dakota
414 East Clark Street
Vermillion, SD 57069-2390
Ph: 605-677-5287
Fax: 605-677-5427 (fax)
Carole Cochran, Project Director


Black Children’s Institute of Tennessee

301 Starboard Court
Nashville, TN 37217
Ph: 615-366-5530
Fax: 615-360-7843
Jaunita Veasy, Executive Director


2600 Southwest Freeway, #810 Houston, TX 77098 Ph: 713-869-7740 Fax: 713-869-3409 E-mail: Barbara McCormick, President & CEO

Tarrant County Youth Collaboration

1201 W. Lancaster Fort Worth, TX 76102 Ph: 817-882-8005 Fax: 817-877-0874 E-mail:

Texans Care For Children

814 San Jacinto Boulevard, #301 Austin, TX 78701 Ph: 512-473-2274 Fax: 512-473-2707 E-mail: Susan Craven, Executive Director

Vision for Children Center

210 Lewis Street San Antonio, TX 78212 Ph: 210-737-0742 Fax: 210-226-9151 E-mail: Arthur J. Gonzales, Jr., Executive Director


Utah Children

757 East South Temple, Suite 250
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Ph: 801-364-1182
Fax: 801-364-1186
Karen Crompton, Executive Director


Vermont Children’s Forum

P.O. Box 261
Montpelier, VT 05601
Ph: 802-229-6377
Fax: 802-229-4929
Carlen Finn, Executive Director

Sorry, there are currently no resources listed for this area.


The Children’s Alliance

2017 E. Spruce Street
Seattle, WA 98122
Ph: 206-324-0340
Fax: 206-325-6291
Linda Stone, Interim Executive Director

West Virginia KIDS COUNT Fund

1031 Quarrier Street, Suite 313
Charleston, WV 25301
Ph: 304-345-2101
Fax: 304-345-2102
Margie Hale, Executive Director

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families

16 North Carroll Street, Suite 600
Madison, WI 53703
Ph: 608-284-0580
Fax: 608-284-0583
Anne Arnesen, Executive Director

Wyoming Children’s Action Alliance

2712 Thomes Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Ph: 307-635-2272
Fax: 307-635-2306
Kathy Emmons, Executive Director

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