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Children and families will find schools generally willing to assess students for learning problems, behavioral difficulties and emotional disorders. When you want to be sure to have a School Evaluation completed for your child, sending or giving a written request to the school is best.  With a written request the school must complete an evaluation and offer an individual educational plan if needed.  The parent can elect to accept the plan, continue without a special plan, or have an outside independent evaluation at the school’s expense.

The following sample letter is deceptively simple and requires the school to assess your child within a specific time frame.  Please keep a copy of your letter to assure that the school follows through within the necessary time requirement.  In 60 school days the school must begin, if not complete, the evaluation.

Sample Letter



Dear Principal or Counselor:

My child, _________________, needs a School Evaluation including cognitive testing by a licensed psychologist.


Signature of Parent:____________


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