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Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.
Do you offer advocate services for individual children and families?

We do offer many resources through the links on our site and to other sites. We do not offer advice or counseling to individual children and families, but try to offer information through links to areas and groups that can provide services to your child or family. Please see Contents or Search for specific subject areas.

Where can I find an advocate?

Legal or court advocate

The following resource may help provide an advocate (CASA) for your child and also reduce costs to you. See

In talking with your attorney consider having the court appoint a Guardian ad Litem for your child (or children) especially if there is no CASA program in your area.

Educational or school advocate

Try Children’s Defense Fund to address finding an educational advocate:

Medical or Psychiatric advocate

Look for advocates through these sites: National and State Child Advocacy Resources; State Protection and Advocacy Agencies and your local CASSP or Mental Health Association (county or state) and other organizations.

What can I do to get more education or experience as a child advocate?

We do not know of a major in Child Advocacy. It is a broad field with a number of areas of study that can lead to that career. Check out these sites for possible volunteer opportunities that may help to shape your interests: Court Appointed Special Advocates at and Stand For Children at

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