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 Matt Barcellona

 Penn State College of Medicine


Goal of study: 3 Questions

1) How do long term and behavioral treatments compare with one another?

2) Are there additional benefits of combining medicinal and behavioral treatments?

3) How does careful systematic treatment compare to routine community care?


Study Design: 4 Groups (Strategies)

1)Medication management

2)Behavioral Treatment

3)Combined Treatment

4)Community Care

number of children = 579 over 14 month period


6 Major Outcome Domains

1) ADHD core symptoms (inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity)

2) Oppositional/Aggressive symptoms

3) Social skills

4) Internalizing symptoms

5) Parent-Child relations

6) Academic achievement


Results & Conclusions

– All groups showed marked reductions in symptoms over time, with significant

differences in degrees of change.

– Med management superior to behavioral treatment in controlling core symptoms of

ADHD (parents/teachers). No significant difference on other domains.

– Combined treatment and med management were superior to behavioral treatment in

controlling core symptoms (parents/teachers) while Community Care was NOT.

– No significant advantage of combined therapy versus medications alone on any domain

-combined treatment consistently used lower doses than med management

– Combined treatment superior to behavioral treatment on 4 domains:

1) Inattention (parents/teachers), Hyperactivity-Impulsivity (parents)

2) Oppositional/Aggressive behaviors (parents)

3) Internalizing symptoms (parents)

4) Academic achievement (reading)

– Combined treatment was superior to Community Care on all 6 domains (parents).

– Treatment satisfaction scores for parents of combined and behavioral treatments were

superior to Med management parents.



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